100-Mile Thanksgiving Menu

Swap this for that to green your holiday meal


Swap: A juicy turkey for a meat-free, juicy Tofurky

Eco-factor: You’ve probably heard the term Tofurky and wondered at the appeal. But for vegetarian and vegan diners, who often get short-changed at holiday meals, a tofu-based turkey, complete with the stuffing, is a dream come true. Then there’s the eco-appeal. Meat, even poultry, has a much greater impact on the environment, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, than veggies. This has spawned the low-carbon diet movement —and those who follow it will be dreaming up creative, alt-turkey mains this Thanksgiving.

Where: In Canada, you can purchase Tofurky at a lot of health foods stores and progressive retailers such as Capers and Planet Organic. But Tofurky is actually made in Oregon, so it won’t exactly qualify you for the 100-mile diet. Instead, call around to see if you can locate a similar product made in your city. In Toronto, for example, Ying Yong Soy Food, based in the St. Lawrence Market, makes a Tofu Roast with stuffing. Their products are stocked by many local retailers.

How much: Tofurky ($33.95 US/26 oz. Tofurky Roast; $54.95/3.5 lb Tofurky Feast); Ying Yong Soy Food Tofu Roast (~$20/kg).

Photo: istockphoto/JP_Puerta