100-Mile Thanksgiving Menu

Swap this for that to green your holiday meal


Swap: A traditional turkey for a naturally raised, free-range, local bird

Eco-factor: A local, free-range gobbler doesn’t travel as far to get to your kitchen table, plus it is raised more ethically than the more common factory-farmed birds. It’s also unadultered (many traditional turkeys are injected with saline to keep them plump and juicy). When you consider that 2.7 million whole turkeys were purchased by Canadians last year (equal to 28 percent of all whole turkeys that were sold over the year), opting for a better bird this holiday can make a big difference.

You can even go a few steps further and buy an organic turkey or a heritage turkey. Both are still pretty rare in Canada, although your local butcher shop may be able to source one for you (but only if you call well ahead of serving time).

Where: Your local butcher or progressive grocer.

How much: Whole Foods has a guide to buying a better turkey on any budget. In general, a local, pasture raised turkey will cost you approximately $2.99-3.99/lb; a fresh organic turkey from Beretta Organics, for example, is $4.49/lb; a heritage turkey ($17/kg). This is contrast to your run-of-the-mill turkey at about $1.99 - $2.39/lb.

Photo: istockphoto/MentalArt