10 Enviro Tales You've Never Seen On Film Before

They may not be blockbusters (yet) but these films could change your life

Filmmakers from around the world are finding remarkable new environmental stories to tell and approaching them in brand new ways. They’re pushing the envelope so that environmental films, so often designed to sound the alarm on threats to our planet’s health, continue to resonate with audiences.

The following films make learning about the state of our world more engaging and accessible than ever. From a film about a concrete city and the impact it’s having in a region of Spain to a travelogue and tribute to Farley Mowat and his novels about the Canadian North, they’re nothing short of captivating.

These films are touring festivals across Canada and are being featured this fall at the Planet in Focus International Film and Video Festival, one of North America's largest enviro film fests, where more than 85 films from 25 countries will be shown. Planet in Focus runs from October 21-25 in Toronto.

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