10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill This Winter

These easy tips on staying warm as the season cools can save you money

Finding ways to cut your electricity bill doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s the simple choices we make that can have a biggest impact. In Adria Vasil’s new book, Ecoholic Home (being released just in time for winter!), Canada’s favourite “ecoholic” reminds us that cracking down on old energy-wasting habits around the house will ease the drain on your already-suffering bank accounts. “Just ask your grandparents,” she writes. “Savings energy, saving resources—saves you money.” Plus, reducing your energy needs will ultimately benefit your whole community.

So try these 10 small things before the snow flies:

Tip #1:    Crank Down.

In winter, turn your thermostat down by two degrees and wear a sweater. It will save you $180 per year on your energy bill (and just think of the huge energy saving around the province if everyone did this).