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Used-Bike Shopping

How to find a great ride that fits you and your budget.

8 Priceless National Parks

It’s impossible to put a value on Canada’s national parks. These beautiful oases have helped define a country and will continue to shape its future.

Feather Island

In the town of Tadoussac, at the nearby junction of the Saguenay and St. Lawrence rivers, beluga whales attract visitors from all over the world.

Stay Safe on Bike-to-Work Day

10 ways to make your ride safe, fast and fun

7 E-bikes That Are Revolutionizing Our Streets

A greener option than most vehicles, electric bikes could transform commuting—especially in summer.

Beautiful bike racks improve cities

Art hits the pavement in a Canadian bike rack design competition.

Animal Planet

Next to an imposing skeleton of the extinct Dodo bird, midway through the new gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), is a small plaque that reads, “Our planet

Bullet Trains

Building High Speed Rail (HSR) networks in Canada has long been what tearing down the hulking Gardiner Expressway is to Toronto – a nice idea that politicians entertain now and then only to bury fo

Earth: DisneyNature's new film

Polar bears and prophecies from the director of Earth.

New Hybrid Vehicles

Economists are fond of saying that economics is “the dismal science.” After the world’s markets burst into flames and fell from the sky, they may be half right—it is dismal.

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