Transport & Travel

Hitting the road in a hybrid

We know you try to be a responsible environmental citizen when at home.

Mullen L1X75: 600 electric horses stampeding

Say hello to the 280 km/h electric sport car!

Green Boating Tips

Boating is one of the great pleasures of summer, but if you're not kayaking, canoeing, rowing, or solar sailboating, your marine motor is contributing to a significant environmental problem.

The new easy rider

Despite getting more mileage to the litre, your average motorcycles is at least eight times dirtier than most cars.

Get around campus in style

The big man on campus is anything with two-wheels. Students who have clued into the fact that most travel is local are turning to a variety of plugged-in options.

Take the Commuter Challenge and leave the car at home

You're not imagining it. We are spending more time in traffic jams.

What is Adventure Travel?

Avoid the faux ecotours and companies; do your research before booking your eco-adventure.

Earth day heroes: sharing the wheels

Who's the greenest of them all? Zipcar!

Tips for a green vacation

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to stop being green! Vacation with these suggestions from our Green Tips guide.

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