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Sleep Easy at Green Hotels

Use this guide to choose the environmentally friendly accommodation that’s right for your honeymoon.

Winter Biking Basics

Winter cycling is no longer the domain of daring bicycle couriers or mountain biking aficionados.

The 100-Mile Spa

Whether home or abroad, take some time out for yourself this winter to experience one of the year’s top spa trends.

Car Sharing 101

First launched in European cities in the mid 1980s, car sharing is rapidly catching on in Canada.

Electric vehicles in Canada

Europeans have understood the environmental benefits of smaller cars for years. In Canada, though, progress is slow.

How green are we really?

The polls say Canadians care about our environment. But are we walking the talk - and if not, why not?

Chevy Volt Unveiled: Tyler Hamilton's Interview with Bob Lutz

Read Tyler Hamilton's interview with GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz about Chevrolet's new electric car, the Volt, on the Green Living Network.

Four simple steps to carpooling

If the price of gas is making you cringe then you should consider sharing the expense. Start a carpool -- it's easier than you think!

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