Not Your Typical Book About the Environment

Not Your Typical Book about the Environment
By Elin Kelsey
Illustrated by Clayton Hanmer

64 pages
10” x 8.5”

Ages 9 to 12

Kick Fossil Fuels

For a quirky, self-professed former “software renegade” in high school, Tom Rand has done quite well for himself.

Product Review: Choice Organic Tea

Discover flavourful collection of organic teas.

Company: Choice Organic Tea

Product Review: Soapstones Baby’s Bubbles & Squeak

From the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, our little ones can go through a number of products. Honestly, sometimes their beauty regimens are longer than their moms’.

ReNu Contact Lens Solution

When it comes to the green revolution, function and design are becoming more entwined.

Product Review: Bryce Facial Polishing Scrub

With the cooler temperatures and lower humidity hitting many parts of the country, it’s time for us to update our skincare to deal with dryer skin.

Product review: Consonant Organic Eye Creams

When it comes to facial skin care, many of us are discovering that organic and natural products are the way to go.

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