Plants That Save Water

4 drought-resistant plants that save time and water in the garden

Opening the Garden

Use grass seed and mulch now for a great-looking lawn and garden

Mark Cullen's Top 5 Trees

Enjoy privacy and a cooler house by planting these top native trees in the garden

Butterfly Gardens with Mark Cullen

The gardening guru shares his tips for attracting butterflies, birds and bees

Back to the Future

Wandering through the Timeless Materials barn is like going back in time. Or being on a movie set in the golden age of Hollywood. Or strolling through a carnival fun house.

Happy Wetlands Day!

February 2nd is World Wetlands Day, when government agencies, NGOs and citizens aroun

One person's trash

Though they're all important parts of sustainability, the 3Rs of waste management — reduce, reuse and recycle — are not equally effective.

Product Review: Create a Living Wall

Company: ELT Easy Green 

Item(s) tested & price: The Double Living Wall Kit ($79)

Eco-Friendly Adhesives for Around the House

One can’t help but wonder exactly how eco-friendly any adhesive product can really get. As kids, we were scolded (with good reason) for putting glue near our mouths.

Make Your Own Fresh Air

Breathe easier with three plants that can boost indoor air quality.

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