The Eco Deck

Choose the right wood and finish for healthy, beautiful and long-lasting decks

Recipe for Garden Compost

90% of gardening success is soil preparation. Here’s how to improve yours with better compost.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

How to plant and grow peas, asparagus and spinach

Save Water in the Garden

Find out the three garden tools that help with water conservation

Treating Garden Fungi

Use nontoxic fungicides to treat wet-weather gardening pests like rust, black spot and powdery mildew

How and When to Plant Vegetables

Let the weather be your guide to planting beans, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes.

Plants That Save Water

4 drought-resistant plants that save time and water in the garden

Opening the Garden

Use grass seed and mulch now for a great-looking lawn and garden

Mark Cullen's Top 5 Trees

Enjoy privacy and a cooler house by planting these top native trees in the garden

Butterfly Gardens with Mark Cullen

The gardening guru shares his tips for attracting butterflies, birds and bees

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