Controlling Japanese Beetles

Use a properly installed trap to save your garden plants from this pest.

A Tutorial on Lawn Care

Controlling weeds without chemicals, when to apply grass seed and lawn mower tips

Grow Vegetables for the Hungry

Donate extra fruit and vegetables from your garden to food banks

Why You Should Deadhead Flowers

How to prune roses and other plants to bring a second bloom and help them grow stronger

Pest Control for Lily Leaf Beetles

How to stop these insects from damaging your plants

Blueberries in the Garden

Planting a low-maintenance bush brings blossoms in spring and fruit in summer

ecoEnergy Retrofit Program Returns

Act fast to qualify for up to $5,000 in federal grants for energy- and water-efficient home improvements!

A Carefree Native Shrub

Why every garden could use the bright flowers and low-maintenance routine of an ornamental Ninebark bush

Stay Cool and Save

Save on energy costs and stay cool and comfortable this summer using simple changes like using a programmable thermostat, upgrading your air conditioner and adding a ceiling fan.

Low-Maintenance Lawn Care

Grass you mow once a month — or never — saves, fuel, water, money and your weekends

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