Where the conscientious consumers shop

Here’s a list of some green boutiques worth visiting this holiday season.

Giving to Environmental Causes

Looking for a way to curb over consumption associated with this time of year? Consider the alternative – support a favourite charity or cause in your loved ones name.

Green Gift Giving

"Giving good gifts" has a whole new meaning when you choose gifts that are socially or environmentally responsible – and it’s easier than you might think. Here are conscientious choices to get you started.

The Future Greenest City in the World

Vancouver, British Columbia: Creating a Green Vision for their Future

To Buy or Not to Buy...

That is your question! With the annual “Buy Nothing Day” approaching this November 25th…what will you do as a committed and concerned consumer?

Eco Gardener: Fall Planting Tips

The secret to a lush garden? Plant new perennials in the autumn.

Fix Black Spots on Maple Leaves

Try this simple cure if your maple tree is infected with a fungus called tar spot

The Value of Fallen Leaves

Spread fallen leaves on your flower or vegetable gardens to enrich the soil and reduce weeds.

Why Lawn Care is Green

Plant grass seed to clean the air, prevent soil erosion and reduce greenhouse gases.

Harvesting Vegetables

Frost in the forecast? How to protect the carrots, potatoes, onions and cabbage in your garden.

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