The Green Living Show named one of Toronto's best!

With this year's 21 percent increase in attendance, attracting a total of 37,000 visitors, the Green Living Show was named one of the top trade show events in Toronto by BizBash.

Help Us Double Canada's Urban Forest!

We envision a future in which Canadians recognize the environmental, economic and social benefits of trees in cities and get personally involved in planting and maintaining trees across the country.

Water-saving ideas for your garden

Simple xeriscaping techniques have a big impact.

Every Drop Counts

How you can help preserve and protect our precious water supply

Guide to Buying Green Furniture

Ideas that save cash and reduce your eco-footprint.

Eco-Inspiration For Your Home and Garden

Stylish, eco-friendly options can save energy and money.

Green Buildings Need Green Tenants

Environmental performance has, perhaps, become the biggest trend in building design and modification.

Your Nose Knows When Your Home is Sick

Is your home causing you health problems?

PURE GREEN: Inspiration for living a stylish green lifestyle

What motivates you to live green? Is it your health, core values or current trends?

Eco Tips for a Cleaner, Greener Holiday Season

Simple and easy ways to minimize your environmental footprint...

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