Powerful Perennials

Perennials may be the perfect plant for the lazy gardener since they bloom year after year.

Earth day heroes: green design

Who's the greenest of them all? Altius Architecture!

Tips for your wildflower garden

Wildflowers have the appeal of being low maintenance while adding colour and beauty to your garden.

Green your home at the Green Living Show

Green solutions for every part of your home, inside and out! Come on down to find out about everything green at Toronto's first consumer show dedicated to all things green.

Learn how to green your home at the Green Living Show

This weekend at the Green Living Show in Vancouver, it's all about learning how to green your life and one of the easiest places to start

Start your kitchen cooking with Green Living tips

We leave a big environmental footprint in the kitchen. Here are some suggestions from our Green Tips guide to help make your culinary feet smaller.

Getting hung up on being green

How many wire hangers have you thrown out this month?

Rock Dust: Mother Natures gardening secret!

It turns out the earth needs its daily minerals as well. It turns out the earth needs its daily minerals as well.

The Greenbelt: sprawl no more

Ontario's new greenbelt is cause for celebration. After much agonizing and many months of debate, Premier Dalton McGuinty finally announced the details of the legislation in February.

Green lounging for the deck

We went searching for our favourite green outdoor furnishing.
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