Waterwise gardening

The dry, hot summer has communities across North America experiencing water shortages and waking up to the reality that water is not a limitless resource.

See Spot play: green pet toys

Most scientists believe animals play in order to practice skills they need in life.

Cat and mouse games

Your cat needs play to keep body and mind alert. Lack of activity often leads to a bored cat who overeats and has other behavourial problems. Type is important

Mulch is a must!

With the hot dry weather of August and water shortages everywhere, mulching is a must.

Recycling at the cottage

Tradition in cottage country is changing. Recycling, a regular part of city living, is making waves in the land of lakes and trees. Lighter loads

West Nile Virus and your backyard

West Nile virus has slowly been on the rise in parts of the U.S. and Canada. Do we need to be worried about mosquitoes and the water features in our garden?

Bad kitty litter, bad!

We love our cats but that kitty litter has got to go! Not only is clumping litter leaving a huge carbon footprint, it's also bad for our feline friends.

Conserve water in 20 easy steps

Many people believe there is an unlimited supply of fresh water. But droughts in Southeast USA, Africa and Australia are showing there's a need to conserve water.

Eco-fleas and the green pet

The hot weather has brought an early flea season so now is the time to start your fight against these bloodsuckers.

Cucumbers love radishes but don't like potatoes

With the proper planning you can have a bug free garden without pesticides.

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