Green cleaning products you and the planet will love

Cleaning alternatives that really work. For most cleaning around the house, it's not hard to add some green to your routine.

Give thanks with a green centerpiece

Save money with a DIY, environmentally-friendly Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Bottoms Up! Toasting the season with organic wines and spirits

What are the holidays without a few toasts? Organic wine and spirits are just the thing to help lift the spirits.

Well preserved

More and more people are taking the time to preserve local food and enjoy the bounty the whole year.

Five ways to rid your garden of squirrels

While we are busy getting our gardens ready for the fall, squirrels are busy stocking up for winter. That usually means digging up the garden to bury nuts and also eating anything they find.

Green Myth Buster #1: Cork is endangered

We all know that satisfying pop when we open a bottle of wine or champagne signaling the start of a festive occasion.

Keeping your plate green

When it comes to Sunday football parties, birthdays or that final BBQ of the summer, the temptation is to use paper plates and disposable cutlery.

New Year resolutions to green your home

Have you been meaning to go green but couldn't find the time?

10 easy tips to detox your home and your children

Our children are more vulnerable to chemicals that adults. By the time the average North American child enters kindergarten, they've already been exposed to a veritable cocktail of chemicals.

Earth Day tips for your home

Here are some of our favourite, easy suggestions from our Green Tips Guide to help your home get greener and healthier. KITCHEN
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