Picking the right stove

So what makes a good stove a green stove?

Fireplaces: Wood, Gas or Electric?

With the long, chilly nights of winter here once again, many of us will turn to the comfort of a crackling fire for a little soul-reviving warmth.

Enviro-friendly stocking stuffers

There are plenty of ways to fill Christmas stockings with eco-friendly products. Pass these tips on to Santa Claus. Edible treats

The great tree debate: artificial or real?

Cutting down trees is good for the environment. Yes, you read that right!

3 Crafty Creations to bring the holidays alive

Personalize your holidays and make them enviro-friendly with homemade decorations. The following three projects are fun and easy to do.

Sleep easy with earth-friendly blankets and pillows

Green Living Online gets under the covers with eco-friendly slumber options.

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day (no purchase necessary)

Are you tired of the holiday hype already? Why not try a buying-fast? Join environmentalists and concerned citizens from over 65 countries for the annual Buy Nothing Day.

Wrapping presents wisely

On Christmas morning, we usually have a small mountain of discarded wrapping paper that end up in the garbage instead of the recycling bin. Some types of wrapping paper aren't recyclable!

Caroling: An Age Old Tradition

Carolling remains part of our holiday season. But standing with your door open lets out precious heat and energy.

Lifetime achievements in building green

Three green building pioneers received Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 3rd Annual Toronto Regional Green Building Festival held last week from at Ontario Place.

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