How to green holiday greetings

North Americans sent out over 2.6 billion Christmas cards last year and most of those cards ended up in a landfill. This year send out green seasonal greetings.

Picking the right stove

So what makes a good stove a green stove?

Fireplaces: Wood, Gas or Electric?

With the long, chilly nights of winter here once again, many of us will turn to the comfort of a crackling fire for a little soul-reviving warmth.

Enviro-friendly stocking stuffers

There are plenty of ways to fill Christmas stockings with eco-friendly products. Pass these tips on to Santa Claus. Edible treats

The great tree debate: artificial or real?

Cutting down trees is good for the environment. Yes, you read that right!

3 Crafty Creations to bring the holidays alive

Personalize your holidays and make them enviro-friendly with homemade decorations. The following three projects are fun and easy to do.

Sleep easy with earth-friendly blankets and pillows

Green Living Online gets under the covers with eco-friendly slumber options.

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day (no purchase necessary)

Are you tired of the holiday hype already? Why not try a buying-fast? Join environmentalists and concerned citizens from over 65 countries for the annual Buy Nothing Day.

Wrapping presents wisely

On Christmas morning, we usually have a small mountain of discarded wrapping paper that end up in the garbage instead of the recycling bin. Some types of wrapping paper aren't recyclable!

Caroling: An Age Old Tradition

Carolling remains part of our holiday season. But standing with your door open lets out precious heat and energy.
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