Valentines from the heart

Get crafty and creative with your Valentine's Day greetings.

The guy's guide to green Valentine gifts

Eco-friendly girlfriends are going to want eco-friendly gifts.

8 steps to a green Super Bowl party

Planning your own Super Bowl party? Follow our quick tips to make your party eco-friendly and score a touchdown.

The backyard rink: eco-friendly and fun!

An entertaining and healthy way to enjoy winter is to build and experience the fun of a rink. Constructing a modest rink is not difficult and it has numerous benefits.

For the birds: How to feed our feathered friends this winter

Now that winter's icy grip has taken hold, food can be scarce for our feathered friends.

The romance of organic Champagne

Champagne has long been a symbol of romance. This Valentine season, impress your enviro-honey with some of the green bubbly. Delicious history

What to Burn in Your Fireplace

The weather outside is frightful and you'd like nothing better than to curl up in front of the fire with a good ancient-forest friendly book and a mug of fair trade organic cocoa.

10 LUSH tips for a green bathroom

Mark Constantine, founder of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, gives his top ten tips on how you can have a more eco-friendly bathroom.

A clean slate for soap

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned soap and water? It seems to have been replaced by personal cleaning products with germ-fighting prowess.

Household chemicals to avoid in your laundry detergent

Go cold with your laundry and go green with your detergent to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut back on harmful household chemicals.

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