Sowing success: preventing damping off

Your seeds, soil and containers are ready to go. The final thing is to safeguard against damping off, a fungal disease that attacks the roots of seedlings quickly destroying them.

Go heritage in your garden

Gardeners, health professionals, scientists and botanists fear we are at a dangerous crossroads.

Sowing Success: starting your seeds

Growing your own plants from seed is perhaps the most rewarding experience a gardener can enjoy. It can save you money and give you a wide variety of annuals and vegetables for your yard.

Dishwashers do double duty

Whether it's a single or double drawer, the new Energy Star dishwashers save you money while conserving energy. Seeing double

Greening your kitchen: Non-stick vs uncoated cookware

For most people who like to cook, the worst part is the cleanup. Cleaning greasy pots, caked-on stains, and hard-to-remove leftovers can turn into a full day's work.

Straight from the vine with Ann Thrupp

Green Living Online caught up with Ann Thrupp, PH.D., Manager of Sustainability & Organic Development at Fetzer Vineyards.

Repair or replace your broken appliance?

We all love our time saving appliances. But when something breaks we're faced with a dilemma: repair or replace? Well, that depends on the actual appliance. Washers

Can Portable Space Heaters Be Green?

When my wife and I made the decision to seal up our forced-air vents, we decided to supplement our heat using portable electric space heaters.

Paint your rooms enviro-friendly and safe

You're not only adding colour to your home with most commercial paints. You're also slapping on benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, xylene, and ethylene glycol.

DIY project: An eco-friendly bird feeder

Attract birds to your yard with this easy to make feeder

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