Eco-Lighting: Sunshine in your Home

Green and easy to assemble

Green clean your rugs

Our rugs take a beating during the winter months and getting them back in shape is part of any spring cleaning.

Window cleaner martini anyone?

Now that we know about the health hazards associated with plastics, what's happening to the Tupperware party?

Comparing Home Water Filters

We use it to cook, clean and wash. But how safe is the water coming into our homes?

Green your window treatments

Are your drapes or binds contribution to indoor pollution? Let the sun shine in with eco-friendly window coverings.

Get your houseplants ready for spring

Start off the season right by getting our houseplants ready to get outside.

Create an egg-cellent Easter basket

Transform those non-biodegradable, vegetable plastic containers into a colourful Easter basket. Get the kids involved in decorating their own creations and add some creative flair to the holiday.

Easter Eggs Over Easy

How to make colourful egg treasures with safe and natural dyes.

No live pets for Easter

Is there anything more adorable than a bunny or baby chick? This Easter resist the urge to bring one home. Bunnies and chicks aren't good pets for most families.

Sowing success: preventing damping off

Your seeds, soil and containers are ready to go. The final thing is to safeguard against damping off, a fungal disease that attacks the roots of seedlings quickly destroying them.
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