Add some scent to your life with homemade sachets

Sachets can be the best protection against unwanted pests snacking on your clothes. Save some money and get the exact scent you like by making your own sachets.

Green the doggie doo

The biggest carbon footprint of our best friends is their daily business. All that pooping and scooping has left a mountain of plastic bags that will be around a lot longer than your favourite pooch.

Chef Jamie Kennedy at the Green Living Show

For over 20 years Jamie Kennedy has been teaching us how to be green while changing Canadian cuisine.

Green Cleaning: Decks

Wooden decks (as well as docks and siding) take a beating throughout the year with all the exposure to rain and dirt. So how do you get rid of the grit and get your deck ready for guests?

Magic Lanterns

This gardening season, enhance your patio without raising your electricity bill with solar lights. They're hassle-free, very green and more powerful than ever.

Sneak peak: Green Living Show exhibitors

At the Green Living Show this weekend you can find some of the best enviro-friendly services and sustainable products designed to make your life easi

Canada's Rock & Roll Chef at the Green Living Show

David Adjey, often described as "Canada's Rock & Roll Chef", best known for his tough and direct approach, as the passionate chef on

After the flood

La Niña has brought record snow and rain fall throughout North America. Spring flooding is going to be a problem in many communities. What's the safest way to clean up after a flood in your home?

Up-cycle your arts and crafts for Earth Day

Up-cycling is the art of taking something disposable and transforming it into something useful and lovely. Look around your home and you're sure to find plenty of objects you can use.

Breaking the mould

Toss the bleach - there's a new non-toxic mould-buster in town
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