Top eco-friendly picks for back-to-school gear

Head back to class with stuff that’s both green and stylish

Unveiling a Green Bathroom Makeover

Get bathroom design ideas to save money, water, energy and air quality from a small bathroom remodel

Eco-friendly Aquariums

A splash in the right direction

Save While You Shower

Bathroom design ideas for water conservation

Bathroom Electricity Savers

Bathroom Design Ideas to For Energy Conservation

Bathroom Design Ideas That Pay For Themselves

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Attracting birds to your garden

Having a bird-friendly yard has never been easier

Keeping drugs out of our drinking water

A call to Ontarians to return unused and unwanted pharmaceuticals

Guide to Natural Spring Cleaning

Ditch the chemicals and deep clean your home, the healthy way

Canada's Greenest Home

A look at the Endeavour Centre’s project to build the country’s most sustainable house.

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