Six low-tech solutions to climate change

Massive geo-engineering projects may be sexy but they’re not the only way to combat global warming.

The Rise of Green Roofs

While some still may label green roofs as a novel concept, they are springing up across the country on some of our most iconic buildings, including the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver and its sister Ro

Top Made-in-Canada Eco Films

Now that the National Film Board has opened its vaults to all of us, don’t miss these provocative home-grown environmental films.

Recession Shopping: Auctions

For several years, my wife Lynn and I were on the hunt for quality bureaus for our two children. We checked out furniture stores, antique stores and shows attended by furniture exhibitors.

Best Green Books For Summer

Summer is the perfect time for diving in to those books you’ve been meaning to read. While the list of great book titles is endless, no top 10 list is complete without a green read.

Recycling Around the World

Does creative bin design help you sort your trash?

Summer Kids' Activities

Staring down a long summer with the kids?

Plan a Backyard Campout

Children are putting many hours a day in front of electronic screens but far less exploring the great outdoors.

Water Conservation, Australia-Style

Most Canadians have never heard of Goulburn, Australia, but we can learn a lot from the 20,000+ people who live there.  Earlier this decade they lived through one of the worst droughts in livi

Chill out, naturally

Seven ways to cool your home without warming our planet

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