Keep the Bugs Away

Spray this insect repellent around the yard or cottage for nontoxic mosquito control

The Four Home Sweet Home Competition Founding Homes

Tangible and inspiring examples for those entering the 2010 competition

The Ontario Home Sweet Home Competition

The idea for Home Sweet Home sprouted in 2008 during the research and development of, an onlin

Green Logo Shopping at the Hardware Store

As kids, our neighborhood mecca was the candy store. As home-owning adults, the Twizzlers and Kit Kats of the candy store are traded for the t-squares and drill bits of the hardware store.

What Does it Mean to Have a LEED home?

LEED is Leadership in Energy Efficient Design, and as its title and "leading" homonym suggest, LEED homes are at the cutting edge of sustainable building.

To Install or Not to Install a Solar Panel?

So you have made the decision to take a step towards being green and you decide to instal solar panels on your home. But how do you know if your home is not in the best location for solar panels?

Building a Screened-In Porch You Can Use Day & Night

Screened-in porches are a blessing. Having grown up in buggy southern Michigan, I don't know how else to describe them.

How does your garden grow?

As temperatures begin to rise, it’s time for Canadians to uncover their green thumbs and get growing.  Yet, more than one-third (37%) of Canadians who don’t garden say it is because they lack

Canadians Have Spoken: Practice, Don't Preach Green, Please!

Canadians from coast to coast have spoken: practice, don’t preach green!

Canada's Greenest School Announced

At the end of April, we let you know that 2010 marked the first year of Canada's Greenest School Competition.

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