Love hurts

Valentine’s Day means thousands of Canadians will be heading to the florist to purchase that classic symbol of undying love – a bouquet of roses.

Beeswax Candles DIY

The cold winter gives us new opportunities to focus on creating a healthy ecosystem…indoors.

Fragrance your home naturally for the holidays

Keep your home non-toxic and non-allergenic during the holiday season by using natural fragrances in your home rather than the commercial, synthetic versions that can cause nausea, headaches and as

Lifecycle analysis answers the Christmas tree debate: real or fake?

It’s a simple concept that is rarely utilized in Canada today: incorporating lifecycle analysis (LCA) into planning and design.

Living plants for the holidays

I have always been a stickler for a real Christmas tree.

Build a Veggie Box

What’s the best part about growing your own food? The benefits are deliciously healthy for you, and our environment!

Sage advice

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Construct a solar oven

Did you know? Enough sunlight falls on the earth every hour to meet global energy needs for an entire year. All we have to do is learn how to harness it!

Is your house ready for fall?

As the chill of the fall and winter seasons set in Canadians seek warmth—turning on the furnace and turning up the thermostat. Unfortunately this often results in higher energy bills.

Cuttin’ in the kitchen

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