Is There Lead in Your Lipstick?

Gill Deacon helps you clean up your beauty routine

Just Beautiful?

A new campaign by Environmental Defence will have all of us taking a second look at what we put on our bodies, not just what we put in them.

Crack a Smile

Winter is fast approaching, and I’m looking forward to those cozy nights tucked under a warm blanket watching the snow fall outside my window.

What's so funny about biodiversity?

It was a night to celebrate true eco heroes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Product Review: Bryce Facial Polishing Scrub

With the cooler temperatures and lower humidity hitting many parts of the country, it’s time for us to update our skincare to deal with dryer skin.

A Mineral Miracle?

The only type of “natural” makeup (foundation, eye shadow and powder) in market today is mineral makeup.

Save Water with a Greener Shower

10 ways to reduce water use and make your shower more environmentally friendly

Product review: Consonant Organic Eye Creams

When it comes to facial skin care, many of us are discovering that organic and natural products are the way to go.

Women of the Earth Awards

When it comes to taking care of the earth, the Yves Rocher Foundation has a special place in its heart for women who are doing their part.

Cleaner, Greener College Living

How university and college students can reduce their carbon footprint.

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