Getting youth to eat local

Healthy eating starts in our own backyard. Thomas Street Middle School in Mississauga, Ontario, is participating in a new pilot project designed to connect kids to their local farms.

The big stink

No one wants to be smelly or sweaty. But in our quest to stay cool and dry we may be compromising our health using toxic deodorants.

An abundance of choice

Five diverse companies who have taken on the eco challenge

Eco-activities for kids

Want to get your kids enthused about the environment? Check out this list of fun activities that will help both you and your children connect with nature.

Outdoor enviro-activities for kids

Want to get your kids enthused about the environment? Try some of these fun outdoor activities that will help your kids connect to nature.

Eat locally, act globally

Choosing organic may seem like the obvious best choice for you and the environment, but if that organic pear made its way from Chile, it's time to recalculate.

Toxic Teens

My babysitter's cheekbones are sparkling. It's kind of distracting as I'm telling her the bedtime routine.

Spring Diet Clean-Up

Spring's arrival invites us to clean up not only our houses but also our dietary habits by replacing high-fat winter comfort foods with healthier fare.The enticing array of jade, emerald an
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