Eating like a localvore

You've heard of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, but what about localvores? New way to eat

Ask the Eco Geek: Does living near power lines cause health problems?

We have very large electrical line (ones that are supported by towers) about 200 feet up the hill from us. Are we at risk? Should we seriously consider moving?

Is your house toxic?

6 household cleaning chemicals you should avoid

Tranquility in a tank

You know that calm, blissful feeling you have on vacation just before heading back to the rat race? Well, that renewed sense of serenity is closer than you think.

Dealing with enviro-anxiety

The environment is going to be on the curriculum as our children return to school. How do you head off anxiety caused by well meaning but sometimes disturbing lessons about the state of our planet?

Is there any green in the dirty diaper debate?

How can parents keep the convenience of disposable diapers without leaving a large carbon footprint? 60 years of discussion

Treats for loved ones

Everyone loves a treat. But just as humans shouldn't snack on junk food, our pets shouldn't be eating them either.

Helping city kids rediscover nature

For five days in July the meadows, woods, lake and wetlands at Lake St. George Field School were the outdoor classroom for 21 inner-city kids from the Toronto region.

Safe and effective bug juice

The summer heat and rain have extended the mosquito season this year and West Nile virus is on the horizon.

Can school make your child sick?

Ahhh back to school.

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