Christmas dread of Chinese lead

Worried about your child's safety but having trouble finding a flashy gift toy that isn't made in China? Join the club.

Every manufacturer affected

Healthy periods

What impact is your period having on the environment? Overlooked pollutor

What you need to know about plastics and your food

There's no denying that plastic containers and water bottles make life easier. But is it dangerous to combine plastic and food? Reason for concern

13 Red Cross Tips For a Safer Halloween

Have fun and stay safe on Halloween!

Yoga + Pilates = a new way to exercise

If you find exercise boring then you may need something that engages more of the mind-body connection that emphasizes flexibility, strength and balance while also helping to relieve stress.

A red poison kiss

Ruby red lips are icons of power, passion and danger. Donning red lips is probably the most dramatic statement a woman can make. It's also become the most deadly.

Enviro-friendly toothbrushes

Are all toothbrushes created equal? It certainly doesn't look that way when you visit your local grocery store or pharmacy.

Air freshener or air poisoner?

Air fresheners are delivering more than a fresh scent. They may be responsible for polluting your indoor air and causing asthma attacks. You're better off opening a window.

Allergy free pets for the whole family

If every time you visit crazy Aunt Mildred's house with her numerous furry companions your eyes begin to water, your skin gets itchy, and your throat swells up, you are allergic to pets.

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