8 tips for preventing holiday weight gain

It's hard to resist all those goodies being passed around the office. Add the the food and festive drinks at family dinners and parties and you can really pack on the pounds.

12 days of green shopping: No buy gifts

We all want to give gifts at the holiday season but we seem to have lost the notion that it's the thought that counts.

12 days of green shopping: Green gourmet gift baskets

What to get someone who has everything? Need a nice hostess gift? A gourmet gift basket is the perfect solution, especially when it's fair trade and organic.

12 days of green shopping: Get fit gifts

Help those you love get fit for 2008 with these green and healthy gifts. Easy poses

10 Rules for a Healthy Holiday

Holidays celebrations can be fun but also stressful.

The dangers of microwaving food

The majority of us will gladly \"nuke\" our meals on a regular basis. But it may be time to end our love affair with the microwave. Cooking on the run

12 protective steps for the dangers of BPA poisoning

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been in the news a lot these days. But is it really a health risk? According to leading scientists we should be worried.

What it is

America Recycles Day celebrated at a landfill

Kevin Tuerff and Valerie Davis spent the day at the Waste Management landfill in Austin. They were there to make a point - America is behind on recycling.

Ban Toxics, Baby!

There is a growing protest around toxic chemicals found in plastic baby bottles, teething rings and children's toys.

Two most dangerous

Bach Flower Remedies to the rescue

The essence of flowers can do more than just add a decorative touch, according to Dr. Edward Bach.
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