A cleaner, greener way to fresh breath

How's your breath? Nothing derails romance quicker than a malodorous mouth. But, before you grab that brightly coloured, drugstore mouthwash, think again!

How enviro-friendly is your condom?

Condoms have come a long way since the days when they had to be hidden under the counter. They've gone mainstream but how enviro-friendly are they?

Keep the kids warm and safe while playing outdoors

It's good to get the kids outside for some play in the winter wonderland. But you want them to stay and safe as well. Here are some tips for stress-free winter play.

Are you S.A.D.?

Feeling blah? Irritable? Having trouble getting up in the morning or wondering what's the point? You may have S.A.D. Winter blues

A is for Alternative Therapies, Part 1

More people are turning to alternative or complementary therapies for natural solutions to relax, improve health, treat chronic pain or find relief from acute conditions.

A is for Alternative Therapies, Part 2

Whether you simply need to relax, have chronic pain or an acute condition that needs treatment, there is an ‘outside-of-the-box' therapy to help. Mylinh Nguyen, B.Sc., N.D., D.N.M.

Combating nature deficit disorder in winter

It's cold outside so why send the children out to play? Aren't they going to get sick, hurt themselves and come back cold and miserable? Actually -- just the opposite.

Natural hangover cures

It's not the New Year's resolutions we dread but the morning after. Hangover cures could fill a book but here are some gentle and healthy suggestions that actually work.

Keep your pets safe at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it is also a time when animal companions are exposed to a variety of holiday hazards.

No pets for holiday presents!

There's no question that baby animals are irrestibly cute. But Christmas is not the time to be giving animals as gifts.

The gift that keeps on being a hassle

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