Hand sanitizers can't replace soap and water

Let's leave the hype behind and get sensible about hand sanitizers. There's a time and place for them but as backup only.

Ask the Eco Geek: Is #7 PLA plastic safe?

I just purchased a bottle of \"Primo\" brand bottled water. On the bottle it says that the plastic is made from plants, not crude oil, but there is #7 PLA on the bottom. Is it safe to drink?

Get healthy and fit with Pilates

Favoured by dancers, Pilates has become the darling of the green and fit. What's involved in this new way to exercise?

Green child-proofing for toxic tots

By the time the average North American child enters kindergarten, they've already been exposed to a veritable cocktail of chemicals. How do we protect our children from common toxic chemicals?

Zero Emissions Travel: Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is the ultimate winter sport. It's as good a workout as running, but not so hard on the knees.

Experience green with cross country skiing

Quietly swishing across the snow observing nature is good for the body, mind, soul and the environment.

Poisonous plastics in your sexy playthings

Whether adventurous or mildly amorous, millions of couples use "novelty" items (a.k.a. sex toys).

The healthy baby bottle

When feeding baby, it's not just the formula that's important. You need to choose the right bottle as well. Recent studies are showing that plastic bottles may not be a good choice after all.

Mother Nature's best antibacterial: your hands!

Stop worrying about the soap you use. Proper hand washing is what's going to keep you germ-free and healthy. How does your technique compare?

Tricky triclosan - Do antibacterial products actually serve us or hurt us?

In our daily war against germs, triclosan has become the weapon of choice.

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