A natural home spa for Mom

Low on cash and wondering what to get mom this Sunday? Check our list of gift ideas for the financially challenged.

The Eco Geek

Send your questions to the Eco Geek and get answers.

Fire Proof?

The federal government wants to ban a controversial flame retardant. What does it mean for you?

Fair Trade and Fabulous

Sustainable and fairly sourced ingredients can work wonders on your skin.

Outdoor Fitness

Forget the gym. Find out why exercise outside is better, plus see how many calories you’ll burn after 30 minutes of running, cycling, hiking and more

Safe and Eco-friendly Art Supplies

Legend has it that Vincent Van Gogh was driven mad by exposure to toxic substances in his art studio.

The Truth About Bioplastics

Plastics have been getting their fair share of bad press lately, especially those ubiquitous grocery bags.

Green Dating

Looking for love? Find out about online dating sites to help you find an enviro-mate.

Healthy Hair Care

7 shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are good for you — and the earth.

The new battle against smoking

Anti-smoking groups have added a new catch phrase to add to their arsenal: thirdhand smoke.

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