Endangered Species in Canada

From orcas to owls, help your kids get to know Canada’s species at risk and how to protect them

Green Living Tested: Anti-Aging Creams

As autumn’s cold, dry weather closes in, I tend to slather my hands and body in rich lotions, creams and butters. But I often neglect an important area: my face.

Should your baby go organic?

Why you should make the switch to green baby lotions and potions

Brush Up, Naturally

Fresh breath and a bright white smile are just part of the key to good oral health, which more and more research is showing is an important component of overall wellness.

Leaded Lipstick

The latest report that many common lipsticks brands contain detectable levels of lead is enough to put a pout on any woman’s face and leave her wondering the true cost of beauty.

Green Your Medicine Cabinets

This article was published in the Fall 2009 issue of Green Living magazine.

Green Living Interview: The Cove

Hailing from Vancouver, professional free divers (and husband and wife) Krack and Cruickshank are able to hold their breath underwater for long periods, allowing them enviable opportunities to swim

5 Legal Battles That Environmentalists Won

Fighting for the planet can be a tough battle — and often a discouraging one. But as these high-profile, precedent-setting environmental law cases prove, trying is worth the effort.

Inside The Cove

Get a sneak peak of the shocking new documentary about a secret dolphin massacre.
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