Dating Vegetarians for Dummies

Being a single, hetero-ish vegan woman, I’ve often been astonished by the some of my experiences with carnies.

Wild-Blueberry Shortcakes With Peaches

This dessert shows off the season’s gorgeous, ripe peaches. Need another reason to head down to the local organic farmer’s market?

Get inspired at the Conscious Food Festival

It’s so easy to eat well in the summer.

Sunburn healing foods 

When I get sunburn, the first thing I do is head for the fridge!

Organic Sangria

The perfect summer drink recipe using organic fruit and local wine

Sunflower Power!

Just in time for hot summer weekends and family get-togethers, here's a delicious ceviche recipe from Michelin-starred Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman of New York City’s Rouge Tomate restaurant.

Cool Soup for a Warm Summer Day

Want to really impress your guests? Serve them a cool bowl of soup on a warm summer day. With the right recipe, a delicious cool soup can be even more enticing than a piping hot one!

Thai Grilled Mahi-Mahi Recipe

We’re hearing the phrase "lactose intolerance" more and more among family and friends these days.

Roast Duck with Tart Cherry Glaze Recipe

Recipe for 4 portions


The Tart Cherry Cocktail

Chef Jamie Kennedy shares a tasty treat inspired by the bounty of cherries this season.

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