Love Crunch Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

This recipe was created by registered dietitian Diane Henderiks.

Organic Cereal Beats Hunger Twice

If ever a cereal featuring chocolate had a chance of making it into our grocery cart, it would be this one.

Chocolate Wrapper Redux

When you come out of that happy chocolate haze after Valentine’s Day, Halloween or your latest 3 o’clock craving, don’t toss those chocolate bar wrappers in the garbage.

Truffle Fettucine Nofredo

The other day I came across a similar recipe for a vegan Alfredo sauce, but I figured it could use a little something else.

Green Burgers

Plastic bags, SUVs and hamburgers: no right-thinking tree-hugger would endorse them, at least not in public.

A Gift From the Farm

While nervously pondering how to spread a little love on the holidays without spending a fortune and staying green, I came across a simple, but forgotten idea: the care package!

Get In the Raw!

My pal Tash is not only a committee greenie, but emphatic about the benefits of eating raw.

Daiya: We've Come a Long Way, Baby

As we know, the vast divide that separates so many vegetarians from making the grand leap from vegetarianism to full-on veganism falls roundly in one beloved food item: cheese.

Product Review: Choice Organic Tea

Discover flavourful collection of organic teas.

Company: Choice Organic Tea

Niagara-on-the-Lake Winery Grows Green

Discover LEED-certified architecture and organic and biodynamic local wines at Southbrook

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