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Becky Bones: Save the Earth, Save Yourself

Inspiring change, it only takes a small step. 

What’s your company’s 5 year “green” plan?

As with many birthdays and anniversaries, many of us reflect on how far we have come or how much more we have left to do.

Free Green Apps

5 ways to go green on the go using your iPhone, Android or smart phone

bodyFood goes onto your skin, into your body and balances the spirit.

Each day our skin protects us, keeps us warm, cools us down and does its best to fight off all sorts of nasty little germs.

The Shirt on Your Back

The Shirt on your back....

Spring Survival Kit

Green twists on handy essentials such as organic breath mints, botanical disinfectants, natural hand cream and more

Sensational Eco Accessories

See the stunning new line of jewelry made with recycled gold and conflict-free gemstones

Visionary Vision

Eyeglasses are made out of some substances that definitely aren’t green. Acetate, the plastic most frames are made of, is a petroleum product.

Green Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, scary images come to mind: over-packaged costumes; plastic accessories; dresses and capes made of unsustainable materials.

Getting the Message

Just as cell phone use in North America has lagged behind Europe, so has the availability of “green” phones—mobile devices that are more energy efficient and less hazardous to the environment.

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