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Better Children's Clothing

There is a dizzying array of funky, kooky, sparkly and frilly kids wear out there. And it has it’s place, for sure. But what’s happened to the basics?

The Friendly Skies

Many an Asian celebration would not be complete without sky lanterns (or “Khoom Fay,” used in Chinese New Year festivities).

Curation Nation

Following in the footsteps of Etsy-like sites including

It's In the Bag

Where Stop the Water aims to get consumers to use less water in the shower, Kimberly-Clark is focusing its atten

Green Teens Go To Washington!

Hot off the heels of Monday's appearance at the White House Science Festival, PBS KIDS GO!’s Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series Design Squad is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010

Product Review: Accessory Geeks

For many of us, our cell phone is an extension of ourselves. Our phones carry our contacts, calendars, to-do lists, emails.

Product Review: Ayala Moriel Parfums

With many people sensitive to fragrances, the most recent trend in many business and government spaces has been to make them no-scent zones.

Product Review: Igloo Zip

Company: icebreaker

Item(s) tested & price: Igloo Zip (Around $200.00; varies per retailer)

Preloved recycles fashion

We all know the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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