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Stylish and Eco: Fashion Picks for Spring and Summer

This month we’re shining the spotlight on eco-friendly fashion, and showing you it can go hand-in-hand with looking fantastic.

Green Gift Giving

"Giving good gifts" has a whole new meaning when you choose gifts that are socially or environmentally responsible – and it’s easier than you might think. Here are conscientious choices to get you started.

Trick or treat your loot bag

Homemade candy bags

Green Halloween Costumes

Ditch disposable costumes and make yours Hallow-green!

Top Gear for Bike Commuters

6 essentials for cycling to work on time and in style

Gold Jewelry Goes Green

Ethical and ecological rings from North America’s first certified fair trade jeweler

Canadian-made Bamboo Clothes

Sustainable and fashionable: Miik dresses look great and last for years

Happy, Healthy Nursery

Having a baby, especially your first (or only, in my case) is full of wonder, magic…and uncertainty. What does this mean? What’s that thing for? How do I make sure my baby is safe and comfy?

Christmas Yves

Guys, we know that some of you may…well…organize your lives slightly differently than women. But we’ve got good news.

Fun, Rabbit, Fun!

If your young kids are like mine, they love playing with your smart phone.

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