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12 Green gifts Dad will love

For Father's Day this year, get Dad something green. Here's a list of some earth-friendly products Dad will love.

1. Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger

Sunny and stylish days ahead

Hiking, swimming, camping, beach volleyball -- the last thing you want is a sunburn to ruin all your summer fun. A broad-spectrum SPF lotion is an admirable beginning, but can't protect you

Ask the Eco Geek: Is smelly nail polish dangerous?

My wife bought some acrylic to do her nails and my daughter's nails. The scent of it was so strong I had to go to the other room. How harmful are these smells to my small children?

Spring into green fashion

There are some exciting spring fashions out there for the ecologically minded.

Barney's sees the green light

Green students have designs on the future

Toronto design students win at the Organic Cotton Competition Winners.

Beautiful tips from the Green Living Show

You don't have to give up luxury, comfort and beauty to go green. Follow these suggestions from our Green Tips guide.

Hand wash your dry cleaning

Laundering the Dirty Business of Dry Cleaning

Pasta sauce, wine, toothpaste -- no matter what you get on your favourite white shirt, a dry cleaner can get it out.

Is your T-shirt toxic?

Is there a toxic wasteland lurking in your closet? We love our T-shirts but those cheap and cheerful cotton/polyester blends may not be worth the price.

Hemp is not just for hippies

Hemp may be one of the most misunderstood plants around.

Resuscitating T-shirts

Don't throw those unwanted T-shirts in the garbage. With a few simple alterations, your unwanted T-shirt can go green!

Revival of the fittest

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