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Step back to school with eco-sneakers

New shoes are always part of the back to school ritual. You need well shod feet for lugging all those books around. But there is good news this season.

Transforming fashion's undergarment wasteland

What to do with all those unmentionables that never see the light of day? Well turn them into art, of course!

Going green down there

You buy organic, ride public transit and recycle. It's time to achieve the truly intimate green lifestyle.

In the swim with enviro-friendly swimwear

The original bikini, created in 1946 by French engineer Louis R&#0233ard and fashion designer Jacques Heim, celebrated the first nuclear explosion. Today's bikinis are celebrating the earth.

Hip, green beachwear

The sun is out, the breeze is soft, the surf is up -- who can resist the water?

Green fashion gets a rock-n-roll makeover

Who would have expected a brand from Toronto to give eco-style a couture streetwear overhaul?

For the biker in all of us

Sustainable slides and fresh flip-flops

Summer is here and it is sweltering! Over half of North America is absorbed into a heat wave that has most of us dashing for the shade tree every chance we get.

Affordable green gifts for Dad

We know he would like a Lexus hybrid sedan or a Lynx deluxe grill. But let's get real. For those of us on a budget, here are some green gifts for Dad under $150.

Green Briefcases

Are you still carrying around that beat-up old briefcase you've been toting for years?

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