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Behind the Seams with Emily Katz

Emily Katz took the 2007 Fashion Week in Portland by storm with the debut of her self-titled fashion line.

Get your feet ready for summer

Summer is officially here so it's time to crack out those sandals. Are your feet up to it?

Baring it all

Behind the Seams with Deborah Lindquist

The epitome of clothing made from recycled and vintage fabrics is the self-titled brand by Deborah Lindquist.The epitome of clothing made from recycled and

Behind the Seams with Rogan Gregory

Rogan Gregory is right on Target, designing both an affordable and sustainable line for Tar

Relax with an eco-friendly prom dress

The pressure is on. Who will have the most perfect dress for prom? The average girl will spend up to $500 on her prom dress that will be worn once and then banished to the closet.

Pamper Mom at home

Everyone loves spa treatments. This Mother's Day create a home spa where Mom can be pampered.

Liquid plastic begone: Natural hair control is here

We all want terrific hair. But some of the goopey, smelly products that turn your hair into a laquered helmet just aren't very sexy. Everything starts off sticky and then feels brittle.

Green gifts for grads

Celebrate your graduate's future by giving them a green gift.

Get them recharged

Baby on the Hip means green

This store is a magnet for environmentally connected moms of Toronto's vibrant Leslieville neighbourhood.

Unconditional love and surrender from Nicole Bridger

Nicole has come a long way from making clothes for her Barbie dolls at age eight.

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