The Greenest Roommate

At the end of May (on the 26th to be exact) we let you know about a competition going on in the U.S.

Your final 2 energy quesitons answered

During the month of June we were happy to host Chris Tyrrell as our guest editor for our Energy column. We have learned a ton and we hope you did too!

Solar Energy Buys the Farm in Ontario

Solar companies and the provincial government are working diligently to transform Ontario’s power grid into an environment-friendly green system.  Hay Solar<

Does Your School "Upcycle"?

The international TerraCycle "upcycling" program wants your trash!

Treehugging for Capitalists

BOOK REVIEW: The New Entrepreneurs: Building a Green Economy for the Future

Ontario's Solar Industry Welcomes More German Talent

With an eye on Ontario, Conergy and Sustainable Energy Technologies have partnered up to supply Sunergy inverte

Father’s Day goes green

50% of Father’s Day shoppers say they will buy, or have already bought, an environmentally friendly gift this year, according to a new poll conducted for Bul

Your Energy Questions Answered

Chris is with us for another week, so email your questions to and we will get them answered for you, next Thursday!

Solar Technology Energizing Ontario's World Status

The World Future Council has ranked Ontario number one in North America for its feed-in-tariff program.  Weighing ten criteria including econom

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils City Multi Hydra-Dan system

Responding to the need for far more efficient commercial heating and cooling systems, HVAC industry leader Mitsubishi Electric created its revolution

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