The Environmental Timeline: 1990-2007

Earth Day is a time to reflect, celebrate and plan our next enviro-action.


Green Living Show tips to get you moving

Harness your green energy with these ideas from our Green Tips guide! Alternative energy

More ethanol production despite warnings

Ontario's Dalton McGuinty may have backed away from ethanol, but in the USA the EPA is supporting biofuels by denying a waiver that would reduce the scheduled 9 billion gallons due to enter the market

The Environmental Timeline: 1970-1989

In celebration of Earth Day, here is a timeline of the progress we've made.


  • The first Earth Day is held.
  • The promise of clean coal

    Fans of clean coal club include President Bush, many scientists, and of course coal industry associations of all shapes and sizes. But is it possible? Future needs

    Ethanol as polluting as gasoline

    According to new research the widespread use of ethanol from corn could result in nearly twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the gasoline it would replace. The rise is connected to the ex

    Sinners of summer 2007

    Well it looks like summer wasn't all that green for most Canadians.

    Winners of summer 2007

    Not everyone took a vacation from green this summer.

    April Sinners

    Definitely naughty...

    April Winners

    Here are some Green Winners for April!

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