Green your portfolio with top sustainable stocks

Want to invest in a greener world? Here are some enviro-friendly stocks worth checking out.

6 ways to green your office

With many of us making changes at home to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, many of us still work in offices that are anything but green. With a little effort and convincing,

Celebrating Canada's 2008 Enviro Heroes

Since 2002, the Canadian Environment Awards has recognized more than 140 Canadian individuals and groups that are working on community, regional and national levels in the name of the environment.

Saving our boreal forest

The boreal forest wraps a green halo around Russia, Scandinavia and Canada.

Celebrating Canada's Enviro Heroes

On Monday, June 4, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society handed out the Canadian Environment Awards awards.

Schwarzenegger Signs Agreement with British Columbia Premier Campbell

On Thursday of last week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Premier Gordon Campbell signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between California and the Canadian Province of British Columbia to figh

North or south, climate change impacts indigenous communities

The United Nations Environment Programme's report Global Outlook for Ice and Snow has just been released, investigating the link between ice, snow and climate change.

Fuel cells: quiet, clean, efficient energy

Of the emerging technology, one of the most promising is the fuel cell. This electrochemical device is quiet, clean and efficient. Opposites attract

Get your engine moving with bio-based oils

One of the more difficult areas to go green is with motor lubricants for our vehicles. But concerns around the price of oil along with its toxicity have led to some interesting alternatives

The Green List: Green business

Green Business is building our new enviro-friendly economy. These eco-business are part of our Green List, compiled by Green Living Magazine.

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