Eric Lange: transforming an energy glutton with geothermal energy

What happens when an businessman decides to turn his building into a haven for sustainable energy?

Waiting for the green computer

You may be looking at a new computer for school but even if you want to go green, it will be hard to find a completely enviro-friendly laptop or desktop.

Top marks for pens and pencils

Get the new school year off to a green start! Don't show up to class with disposable pens and pencils -- there are plenty of cool alternatives that will really make an impression.

BEAHR reaches out to Aboriginals

To meet the energy challenges of the future, we are going to need "green-collar workers." One innovative Canadian organization is helping the Aboriginal community join in the green industry.To meet th

Cut phantom power to lower energy costs

Phantom loads may be adding to your electricity bill without you even being aware of them. It's time to take action against standby power.

Powell River: A community fights back

When she describes her adopted hometown of Powell River, British Columbia, Patricia Aldworth calls it "paradise on earth." Accessible only by ferry, this small city (population 13

Storm World

Like the great reporter Edward R. Morrow, Chris Mooney is down in the trenches reporting back to us about the battles.

Take the recycling pledge!

Have you done your recycling today? Why not take the pledge and do more?

Race Rocks: swimming with the current

A Canadian company battles to become the prince of tidal power on the coast of British Columbia.

Biofuels, barley and beer

Environmentally conscious beer drinkers may soon have to take to the streets to protest.
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