Winners & Sinners for 2009

See the champions and the setbacks making environmental history

Made in Canada

Eco successes from north of the 49th parallel

Canada’s Biggest Eco Embarrassments

Green Living performed a reality check on the nation’s environmental record—and the results weren’t pretty

Is Your TV an Energy Vampire?

Judging by the popularity of Twilight and True Blood, the undead are totally hot right now.

Greening the Silver Screen

Movies have always had a huge influence on how we think, act and feel, and so it’s not surprising that filmmakers are turning their lenses on ecological issues in hopes of changing our ways.

Here Comes the Sun

At first glance, hot water isn’t a very sexy topic (unless your mind immediately strays to a hot bath by candlelight).

Peter Mettler’s Eye in the Sky

This article was first published in the Fall 2009 issue of Green Living magazine.

Camp Kawartha’s Green Building

Check out one of Canada’s most sustainable buildings opening this fall.

Fight back against over packaged products

What should you do when confronted with over packaged food, toys or other products? Three strategies to help make a difference

Transition Towns

In September 2008, Canada joined an emerging global movement when the town of Peterborough, Ontario, was officially declared a “Transition Town.” And t

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