Exchange Your Way into Energy Efficiency

It's easy being green and you can also save some green while you're at it too.

How to Avoid Greenwashing at the Beauty Counter

All sorts of products showcase terms like "all natural", "botanical" or "green". But how can we really believe companies that are selling products to us are actually green?

The Story of Stuff: Bottled Water

World Water Day was on March 22nd, but the month of June hosts World Ocean Day (June 8th) and Water Hour (8pm on June 11th), so we wanted to share

Is it Time to Recycle Your Old Clunker?

They bring back old memories, you may have given it a nickname, it could be your pride and joy...or it might just get you from point A to point B.

Greenvention: The Dragons' Den will award $100K to Canadian "Green" Inventor

We at Green Living are excited to see who has come up with the best Greenvention in Canada.

Could your eco-conscious roommate be The Roommate of the Year?

Okay, so finding a good roommate can be like searching for The Cave of Wonders.

New Green Zebra Guide Offers Unique Opportunities for Businesses

At Green Living, us Editors are always looking for great deals when it comes to shopping, so we are excited that Green Zebra is coming out with their 2011 edition. Oh, what is Green Zebra?

Why I am grateful for British Petroleum

I’ve been told I should express gratitude for something every day.  Today perhaps I will be grateful for BP.  

Toxic America - Green Living Editors' Must See

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent, will run over two nights (June 2 and 3) with the first night, dubbed

To Install or Not to Install a Solar Panel?

So you have made the decision to take a step towards being green and you decide to instal solar panels on your home. But how do you know if your home is not in the best location for solar panels?

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