Letter to The Editors

Hi There,
This is just a general comment - I subscribed to your newsletter while I was still living in Toronto, but now that I live at the other end of the country I see how Toronto-centric your editorial is. It's all about green events in Toronto, green issues in Ontario, green merchants in Toronto, contests for those visiting the events in Toronto....

Lessons in energy efficiency from Canada's first solar ice cream parlour

It takes a tough hand on cost control to make the sweetest ice cream.  By that measure, Ed Francis is quite possibly the toughest ice cream man in town.  

What I'm Doing Differently because of the Green Living Show

At this year's Green Living Show, I was truly fascinated by the number of innovative green products and the affordability of choosing products with less impact on the environment.

Meet the 2010 Winners of the Green Toronto Awards

The Editors of Green Living, would like to offer their congratulations to the winners of The Green Toronto Awards.

My Weekend with the Green Living Show

This past few days I was lucky enough to spend the entire weekend at the Green Living Show.

Another reason to love Colin Firth

It's not really a secret that I like Colin Firth. I mean, I like him a lot. He's charming, British, an Oscar nominee and always in great movies.

Follow the Green Brick Road

We, The Editors, thought we would help you out, by putting you on a path to having a successful Green Living Show.

Nokia Talks Sustainable Business and Partners with Wild Ocean

As a leader in sustainability, Nokia was eager to partner with the film Wild Ocean.

The List

4 booths you have to visit to win big!

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