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Small acts. Big changes. Let us be your guide to sustainability.

Green Living Show 2015

February 9, 2015

Things that go… the wheels issue + WIN prizes

Whether you walk, drive, ride a bike or take public transit; for those who live or work in urban areas, the daily commute is a never-ending discussion.

According to a 2014 article in Canadian Geographic, Toronto proper alone swells by more than 450,000 workers each day (not to mention the 837,000 locals who travel between bed and business within the metro centre). Montreal, similarly, gains almost 390,000 people per day (equal to the entire population of Halifax); Vancouver, about 150,000.

So given how much time we spend commuting; it’s no wonder that we also spend a lot of time talking about modes of transportation. In this issue, we look at electric cars and how Plug’ N Drive is leading the charge and some great winter biking survival tips from Yvonne Bambrick. Finally, from From Tire(d) to Inspired, we’ll take a look at what The Ontario Tire Stewardship is doing with all those old tires.

Canadian Green Car Awards 2015Stay tuned for big news from the 2015 Canadian Green Car Award—the announcement of the top finalists in each of the six categories: Zero Emission, Plug-in Hybrid, Conventional Hybrid, Efficient Internal-Combustion, Three-Row Family Hauler and Fun Car.

The over-all champion, which the judges will choose from the six category winners, will be crowned Friday, March 27 at the Green Living Show.


P.S.: Enter to WIN great prizes that will help keep you moving, such as a copy of Yvonne Bambrick’s new book, an electric bike rental package, a waterless carwash bundle and cool products from OTS.

Plug’ N Drive: Leading the Charge

Plug’ N Drive: Leading the Charge

Top 7 reasons why you should drive electric more »

The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

Yvonne Bambrick talks winter biking in her new book more »

From Tired to Inspired

From Tired to Inspired

How one Ontario organization is turning old tires into innovative new products. more »

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